Sak Yant Tattoo| The Yasamota Family Power Mantra of Light tattoo

The Family Power Mantra of Light


Life can be wonderful with family and friends to whom you give your heart when they need it. Without questions and unconditionally. Dark days also come along during your lifetime. Usually unexpected and unwelcome. The support and sharing the pain with those who are worthy of your heart makes it possible for you to go on, feeling their love.

During a period of forty weeks of asceticism and meditation Yasamota wrote a special Yant-Mantra which describes the sharing of love, power and happiness in its purest form. The Mantra is written in a combination of four ancient magical writings, the Khom script, the Oracle script, the Rune script and the Seal script. This combination ensures that the Mantra is purely organic and spiritual. The Mantra includes the pure healing power of the Buddha and the universe, protects against negative influences, brings strength and happiness and has the following meaning;

" With the blessing and protection of Buddha I am lightened by the pure energy of the sun and the moon. While climbing the ladder to the universe I bless and support my family and loved ones with the protection, strength and love I received and which I am allowed to pass on in this life "

The Mantra has a length of 15 centimetres and is 1 centimetres wide. If you have the mantra tattooed on your body, you agree that you never have the Mantra be placed lower than your navel. Of course, you can also frame the Mantra and use it in your living environment.

For the Mantra Yasamota charges a symbolic contribution of US $ 18.95.

You can order the Mantra below and pay via PayPal. You’ll receive the Mantra within two days by e-mail.

When you buy the Yasamota Mantra you'll receive the sketch of your Mantra-Yant-tattoo in high resolution as a PDF file. Your own tattoo artist will make the transfer.