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The history of Yasamota starts in 1987 in Ayuttaya, the ancient capital of Thailand. Here a young man with a spiritual background, visits markets and such and gets in touch with the authentic traditional customs and sacred spiritual tattoos. For two decades he studies the protective rituals and spells that has been passed on from generation to generation. He is the first person outside of Thailand to receive from the Thai temple the blessing and permission to write and tattoo Sak Yant tattoos in secret Khom script. In subsequent years, places he visits include the Far East, Central America and Brazil, where he becomes further acquainted with the astounding power, simplicity and beauty of the traditional rituals and body modification.

From Thailand and Torre del Mar, Malaga, Spain Yasamota works for the benefit of realising his greatest passion: Designing protective Mantra tattoo designs and tattooing it on the body’s of those who want a totally unique and purely personal tattoo.

At his customers request, Yasamota flies frequently from job to job. He works by appointment only. Selecting and placing a Protective tattoo is done in peace, serenity and 100% privacy. A session is always concluded with a blessing and the corresponding rituals.

Studio & Buddha Temple

Torre del Mar. Malaga. Spain.

+ 31.610.967.149

If you live too far away to come to Yasamota or rather go to your personal tattoo artist, then you can also order your Protective Sak Yant tattoo directly from the Yasamota shop.

Thank you for visiting this website and that you are interested in the power of a protective tattoo. A Protective tattoo is not just a tattoo. The tattoo is mythical and the mantras are written in a mix of ancient Khom scripture, Oracle scripture and protective symbols. .